Eurosets S.r.l. located in Medolla (MO) Italy, announces the introduction of a new device into the Wound Management market. More than 2 years were invested in Research and Development to optimize a system for the Wound Management able to meet any customer need and adding advantages to the negative pressure terapy. The new device is called Waterlily™ and is completely “made in Italy”.

Main Features
Waterlily™ is a dynamic and exclusive non-invasive system, which, by means of a negative pressure on the wound, allows to:
• increase the local blood circulation
• reduce the edema
• stimulate the formation of granulation tissue
• stimulate the cell proliferation
• reduce the bacterial load

The Waterlily™ therapy applies a negative pressure (sub-atmospheric) on the lesion by means of:
• the use of a Jackson-Pratt® drainage tube, or
• with a Suction Head.
The negative pressure can be continuous or intermittent according to the type of wound to be treated and to the clinical goals.
• chronic ulcers at the lower limbs
• ulcers of the diabetic foot
• pressure ulcers
• engraftment of skin grafting
• surgical dehiscence
• traumatic injuries
• malignant lesions
• untreated osteomyelitis
• unexplored fistulas
• presence of necrotic tissue with eschar
• blood vessels and exposed organs
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